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  • NSWDL 2017 Season Policy

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  • NSWDL 2017 Season Policy

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  • New Jersey Designs Available!

    New designs available for the upcoming season!

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  • The Australian Dodgeball League has arrived!

    The most elite dodgeball league in Australia is coming.

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NSWDL - New South Wales Dodgeball League
on Thursday

We've been hearing whispers that quite a few players from last years season, aren't in teams for this years season. So we've opened individual registration to see how many people might actually be missing out this season.
If we have enough interest we'll work on getting players in touch with other like minded players in hopes of having some additional teams for the 2018 season of NSWDL.

Don't have a team? Want to play with a friend but can't find a team who need 2 players? Considering joining a team but theres already SO many players? Considering creating a team but you don't know who else is left to join forces with?

New South Wales Dodgeball League is due to start in early May 2018. This form is ONLY to be used by individuals who currently do not have a team for this upcoming season.
NSWDL - New South Wales Dodgeball League
about a week ago

The official 2018 NSWDL registration and information pack! If you have any questions that can't be answered in the info pack, message our facebook page.

We have also locked in our venue for 2018. We are returning to Michael Clarke Recreation Centre in Carnes Hill. Events have been created for each round to help you stay up to date with each round!

NSWDL - New South Wales Dodgeball League
about a week ago

Happy International Women’s Day!

We are hoping to launch a women’s division this year, see below for details and get involved!

NSWDL - New South Wales Dodgeball League
Charity277 Likes
19 February at 16:07

Women’s NSWDL is coming this season!

Ladies interested in playing WNSWDL are asked to individually fill out the form below.

We will be making teams by evenly ...distributing the experience levels to ensure fair competition.


Any questions comment below or email us at nswdlinfo@gmail.com

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NSWDL - New South Wales Dodgeball League
about 2 weeks ago

Our 6th team is in! Welcome to the Mosman Minotaurs!

Squad list:

Kevin Vo ...
Anh Nguyen
William Nguyen
Philip Tran
Peter Ngo
Sam Lama
Jeremae Cagalitan
Nhan Dinh
Amanda Trinh

This 2018 season is looking to be super competitive with yet another strong team! These guys have an excellent array of skill sets and will definitely prove a tough challenge for the rest of the league!

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NSWDL - New South Wales Dodgeball League
about 2 weeks ago

We're looking for people to do Statistics for the 2018 Season of NSWDL!
If you're looking to get more involved this season, this is another one of the opportunities on offer. This season people involved in the completion of statistics will be paid $20 per game.
This opportunity is for anyone and everyone wanting to get more involved. Your job will be to deliver the goods that every player wants and craves. Your statistic work will also be uploaded to the ADL website. This may be behind the scenes work but it definitely has a large impact.
To join us this season doing Statistics, simply join our stats group!!

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